Dubois Fly Fishing Guide and Guru Jacob Vanleer has spent thousands of hours fly fishing the rivers and lakes that create the Mighty Wind River.

Here are some tactics and fly’s to try based on the seasons

Seasonal Fly Fishing Report For The Dubois Wy. Area


torrey lake Wy

Fly fishing the rivers around Dubois Wy. during the spring runoff can be quite difficult and dangerous, It is not recommended. But if your in town and have a hankering for some fishing, head up to the three lakes area, a few miles east of town. (follow signs for Whiskey Basin.) These lakes are home to rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout and beautiful views of the northern slope of the Wind River Mountains. Stripping Woolly Buggers, Portuguese Breakfasts, Little Bastard’s, or Marabou Leech  patterns in black, olive green, brown, or grey at a 45 degree angle from the bank is a good way to start, if that doesn’t work tie on a strike indicator and micro nymph a Squirm Midge, Balanced Leech, Beta-midge, Ice Cream Cone Midge, Beta Midges, or a Marabou Leech. Start with your strike indicator about 5 ft. away from your top fly. Keep moving your strike indicator further away until you start getting bit.

Early summer (July) Rivers

upper east fork

The days are getting longer, the afternoons are getting warmer and the rivers are starting to clear up after weeks of being the color of chocolate milk. The warm temperatures and flooded vegetation has created an influx of bio mass and the fish are hungry making this a great time to nymph stone fly’s, san juan worms, hares ear nymphs and glo bugs. As the water levels drop dry fly fishing with simulators, elk hair caddis, and parachute Adams will become more productive. Fishing a dry fly with a nymph as a dropper is always a good idea in late July and August. Black Beta-Midges, Contrasting Caddis, Shell Backed Pat’s, San Juan Squirmito, and Pink Night Mares are great early summer choices.

Early summer (July) Alpine lakes

jade lake wy

The snows are finishing there yearly melt, and the wild flowers begin making there first appearances. The lakes have iced off , the cutthroat and rainbow trout have finished spawning for the year, and are on the look out for food. Marabou Leeches, Scuds, Dubbed Beta-midges, Ice Cream Cone Midges, and Woolly Buggers are all good choices in early July. As you get later in the month Foam Ant, Foam Beetle Patterns, and Small Parachute Joe’s are great choices if you see rising fish.

Late Summer (August) River

wiggins fork fly fishing

These are the days dreams are made of, blue sky’s, beautiful views, and crystal clear water. Welcome to paradise! Nymphs in the morning and dry flies in the afternoons and evenings a good way to start. Fly selection is the key to success for the rest of the year. Hatches are super unpredictable some times lasting for a few days or a few hours sometimes there is no hatch all. So be ready to be flexible and change your fly or technique as conditions change. Popular nymphs for this time of year include, Black Beta Midges, Wet Hackle Drakes, Wet Hackle Contrasting Caddis, Silver Top Mays , and Boa Zebras. Popular dry flies include Henry’s Lake Hopper’s, Stimie’s, The Purple Craze, and Parachute Joes.

Late summer (August) Alpine lake

lake louise

The snow is completely gone and all of the back country lakes are accessible. Wild flowers are in full bloom painting the meadows and your memories with colors that you didn’t know existed. Cutthroat trout patrol the shores in the mornings and early afternoons looking for hatching calibatis. In the afternoon comes the wind cooling the warm afternoon air and blowing hundred of flying ants and beetles onto the rippled lake surface. In the evenings trout greedily slurp hatching midges off of the surface. Making Foam Ant’s, Foam Beetle’s, Griffith Gnat, and Parachute Joe’s great choices for dry fly’s. Fish Dubbed Beta-midges, Ice Cream Cone Midges, Marabou Leeches, and Wyoming Damsiel’s are good choices on the nymph side.

Fall (September) Rivers

upper horse creek

The days are getting shorter and the trees are putting on there fall best painting the valleys crimson, yellow, and orange. The rivers are beginning to cool down and the browns are getting ready to spawn making streamers a great choice. Dry fly fishing with small elk hair caddis and parachute adams can still be effective on warm afternoons. Nymphing beta-midges contrasting caddis larva, soft hackle peasant tails, and hares ears are good choices.

Fall (September) Alpine Lake

alpine fall

No one knows how long till the snows come trapping this wonderland beneath the snow for another winter. But until then fall is some of the best time to fish high alpine lakes. The brook trout are getting aggressive as they prepare to spawn and the cutthroat and rainbow trout are fattening up in preparation for the long alpine winter. Strip Portuguese Breakfasts, Little Bastards, and Woolly Buggers in purple, grey, green, and yellow. Ants, Beatles, Parachute Adams, and Griffiths Gnat are good choices for dry fly’s. Fish Scuds, Beta-midges, Micro Leeches, and Ice-cream Cone Midges under a strike indicator.


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